South-West Château Eugénie

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In 1470, the Couture family cultivated the Lord of Albas’wines. The generations have passed but we always cultivate our vines on the same grounds.
In the 70’s, Claude & Jean Couture created the “Domaine Eugénie”, which became “Chateau Eugénie” in 1988. Today the younger generation : Vincent & Jérôme take over from them.

Cuvée Pierre le Grand

Elegance and delicacy. Nice garnet red colour, elegant delicate wine scents of blackberry scents, wood and floors. Nice wine, very well balanced between fineness and tannins. Lovely personality


Fruity and hearty. Fruity wine when young, red fruit aroma, blackcurrant, cherry, woodland fruits, with a slightly spicy touch. Frank mouth, warm, rich in substance


Complexity and typicity. Dark garnet colour, with a dense red fruit aroma, spicy and a slightly oaky finish

Haute Collection