Bordeaux Château Brulesécaille

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In the heart of the COTES DE BOURG region, BRULESECAILLE (a name from gascon origin) is an old vineyard of 24 hectares (59 acres).
In 1924, The RECAPET family bought Château BRULESECAILLE. In 1974, the estate was handed down from M. Pierre RECAPET to his daughter and son in law, Martine and Jacques RODET. It is now included in a structure named G.F.A. RODET RECAPET.
Château BRULESECAILLE was classified as a « cru bourgeois » wine in the book « BORDEAUX ET SES VINS » by Cocks and Feret in 1868.

Château la Gravière
Côtes de Bourg

A peppered nose with some smocked touches, soft in the mouth and evolving on marked tannins. A large palette of fruits and spices

Château Brulesécaille
Côtes de Bourg

Colour: Red
Nose: Finely woodied, liquoriced, and spiced with floral notes (peony).
Taste: wide and rich mouth, tannin presents well-balanced. Mild and fresh ending

Château Yon Saint Christophe
Saint Émilion

Dark ruby color, very expressive and intense nose mixing black fruits, spices, menthol and vanilla flavors. Built on soft and melted tannins, this elegant wine is a result of a harmonious mix.
Good length in the mouth and appreciable volume

Blanc de Brulesécaille
Côtes de Bourg